We help busy professionals organize & simplify their finances.

For too long the Financial Services industry has been heavy on complexity and light on service. We want to reverse that. That's why we are independent fee-only fiduciaries.

* If we deliver a Financial Plan that doesn't organize or improve your finances, we'll give you a full refund and pay the first $250 of a Financial Plan with another advisor.** Past performance is no guarantee of future results, so we are guaranteeing the pleasant process of working with us and not specific investment returns.
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Zachary Barton, Founder and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™

By using our services and partners you can reallocate your portfolio to earn more or lower risk, analyze an investment opportunity, complete and file your taxes, or finally get your Will and Estate Planning documents written. However, answering the fundamental questions is often what clients are most after. Things like, how much should I be saving? Can I afford to travel in retirement? Which insurance is right for me? Can I pay for my kid/grandkid's college? How do I invest my 401k? Will my family be okay once I'm no longer around? Which pension option should I take? What we promise is to help you discover answers to these questions. Oh, and we are a fee-only Fiduciary so you know we have your best interest in mind.

Our Investment Philosophy

While we don't feel we have to write every book, we do curate the library by using Modern Portfolio Theory and Fundamental Analysis. In other words, we make it easier by narrowing down the vast world of investments to a few simple options. Ignoring their finances is one of the most expensive decisions many people make. That's why we make it easy to take action.

our philosophy
Barton Offering

If you're like most people, your finances are disorganized. You're never sure where your money is going and it's hard to keep track of all of your investments and accounts. Many of our clients are in the Legal, Healthcare, or high-tech industries but what unites them is they are busy. Busy with kids, busy with careers, or busy traveling and enjoying retirement. But no longer busy handling the financial stuff. Not because they're not smart enough to do it themselves, but because they are smart enough to realize their time is better spent elsewhere. They decided to delegate the financial work to us. A Premier Financial Plan from Barton Financial Group is a complete review of your financial picture – including organization, investments, tax preparation, and completion of your level one estate planning documents (Will, Power of attorney, healthcare directives). We are committed to working with clients of any background, religion, ethnicity, race, or sexual orientation. To learn about how Financial Planning can help you take control of your finances and get your financial house in order, see our services page, or schedule a consultation.

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ESG starts at home

ESG or Environmental Social Impact and Governance Investing is at the core of our investment philosophy.

Learn More about how we take ESG seriously.

Great technology + great human advice + great combination of services = very happy clients.

Creating the next awesome, must-have social media app and then selling it to Apple or Google is one way to an early retirement. Not a programmer? Not to worry. We have five common-sense steps to get you on the road to retiring while still young.

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